Crash while exiting client 2013-05-23-1d1a3c2074-win_x86-devprev

Case number:845829-995246
Opened by:Bletchley Park
Opened on:Thursday, May 30, 2013 - 09:15
Last modified:Friday, May 31, 2013 - 23:46

started client, it auto-updated and then presented me with the choice screen for intro, game, contest. I then selected quit because I did not want to continue right now. The client gave an exception.

Here is the log:

args passed:
'C:\Program Files (x86)\foldit\foldit.exe'
core.init: Mini-Rosetta version 1d1a3c2074bc467fd6b6c534bb165f4300b27c19 from
core.init: command: C:\Program Files (x86)\foldit\foldit.exe -database cmp-database-d307e85ec238a4ac27572d7542489651/database -resources cmp-resources-e8bab729dab09b54cf959debff4f4d6e/resources -interactive_game novice -boinc_url
core.init: 'RNG device' seed mode, using 'CryptGenRandom', seed=3889549 seed_offset=0 real_seed=3889549
core.init.random: RandomGenerator:init: Normal mode, seed=3889549 RG_type=mt19937
starting the init thread!..
boinc base url:
checking updates...
local: '014522af5f5922356c8b4f6f5aa20888'
remote: '014522af5f5922356c8b4f6f5aa20888'
local: 'd307e85ec238a4ac27572d7542489651'
remote: 'd307e85ec238a4ac27572d7542489651'
local: 'e8bab729dab09b54cf959debff4f4d6e'
remote: 'e8bab729dab09b54cf959debff4f4d6e'
cleaning up old components:
binary 00000000000000000000000000000000
binary 014522af5f5922356c8b4f6f5aa20888
binary 7fbbf2e021ee58d754770be3a85f004f
database 0147a3316110f8f66cadcedeabae32f0
database d307e85ec238a4ac27572d7542489651
resources 00000000000000000000000000000000
resources 7c16e7f6fbe30ff68f2bf9faabb7fb0e
resources e8bab729dab09b54cf959debff4f4d6e
SoundTheme::load: cmp-resources-e8bab729dab09b54cf959debff4f4d6e\resources\sounds/organic_01
loading: cmp-resources-e8bab729dab09b54cf959debff4f4d6e\resources\sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_00.ogg
loading: cmp-resources-e8bab729dab09b54cf959debff4f4d6e\resources\sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_01.ogg
loading: cmp-resources-e8bab729dab09b54cf959debff4f4d6e\resources\sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_02.ogg
loading: cmp-resources-e8bab729dab09b54cf959debff4f4d6e\resources\sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_03.ogg
loading: cmp-resources-e8bab729dab09b54cf959debff4f4d6e\resources\sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_04.ogg
loading: cmp-resources-e8bab729dab09b54cf959debff4f4d6e\resources\sounds/organic_01/rotamer_land_05.ogg
SVM classifier successfully loaded
Feature list successfully loaded
Valid classifier feature list
buildid: 2013-05-23-1d1a3c2074-win_x86-devprev
about to create view_options_button_
Duplicate hotkey Shift+L (Show outlines, )
setting side chain mode to: 0 Don't Show (Fast)
Playing: sounds/organic_01/splashscreen.ogg
Converting any old-style quicksaves and autosaves...
core.chemical.ResidueTypeSet: Finished initializing fa_standard residue type set. Created 9864 residue types
core.chemical.ResidueTypeSet: Finished initializing centroid residue type set. Created 3780 residue types
core.scoring.etable: Starting energy table calculation
core.scoring.etable: smooth_etable: changing atr/rep split to bottom of energy well
core.scoring.etable: smooth_etable: spline smoothing lj etables (maxdis = 6)
core.scoring.etable: smooth_etable: spline smoothing solvation etables (max_dis = 6)
core.scoring.etable: Finished calculating energy tables. Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/PairEPotential/pdb_pair_stats_fine Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/hbonds/standard_params/HBPoly1D.csv Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/hbonds/standard_params/HBFadeIntervals.csv Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/hbonds/standard_params/HBEval.csv Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/EnvPairPotential/env_log.txt Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/EnvPairPotential/cbeta_den.txt Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/EnvPairPotential/pair_log.txt Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/EnvPairPotential/cenpack_log.txt Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/EnvPairPotential/env_log.txt Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/EnvPairPotential/cbeta_den.txt Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/EnvPairPotential/pair_log.txt Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/EnvPairPotential/cenpack_log.txt Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/MembranePotential/CEN6_mem_env_log.txt Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/MembranePotential/CEN10_mem_env_log.txt Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/MembranePotential/memcbeta_den.txt Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/MembranePotential/mem_pair_log.txt Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/P_AA_pp/P_AA Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/P_AA_pp/P_AA_n Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/P_AA_pp/P_AA_pp Database file opened: scoring\score_functions\rama\Rama_smooth_dyn.dat_ss_6.4
core.fragment.picking_old.vall.vall_io: Reading Vall library from cmp-database-d307e85ec238a4ac27572d7542489651\database\sampling/vall.small.dat.2001-02-02 ...
core.fragment.picking_old.vall.vall_io: ... done. Read 50000 lines. Time elapsed: 1 seconds.
core.fragment.picking_old.vall.vall_io: Prior library contained 0 sections totaling 0 residues.
core.fragment.picking_old.vall.vall_io: Added 268 sections to library totaling 50000 residues.
Reading in vall_torsions file: cmp-database-d307e85ec238a4ac27572d7542489651\database\chemical/rna/1jj2.torsions
Lines read from vall_torsions file: 2754

1: library_main +1180098 bytes (no line)
2: library_main +1253840 bytes (no line)
3: library_main +4080308 bytes (no line)
4: library_main +4083654 bytes (no line)
5: library_main +3753806 bytes (no line)
6: library_main +3687532 bytes (no line)
7: library_main +5816249 bytes (no line)
8: library_main +3686777 bytes (no line)
9: library_main +5822804 bytes (no line)
10: library_main +5825111 bytes (no line)
11: gapfnScSendMessage +818 bytes (no line)
12: GetThreadDesktop +215 bytes (no line)
13: GetClientRect +197 bytes (no line)
14: CallWindowProcW +27 bytes (no line)
15: wglSwapBuffers +730 bytes (no line)
16: gapfnScSendMessage +818 bytes (no line)
17: GetThreadDesktop +215 bytes (no line)
18: CharPrevW +312 bytes (no line)
19: DispatchMessageA +15 bytes (no line)
20: library_main +5830515 bytes (no line)
21: library_main +3597101 bytes (no line)
22: library_main +28821 bytes (no line)
23: library_main +29 bytes (no line)
24: no symbol (no line)
25: no symbol (no line)
26: no symbol (no line)
27: BaseThreadInitThunk +18 bytes (no line)
28: RtlInitializeExceptionChain +99 bytes (no line)
29: RtlInitializeExceptionChain +54 bytes (no line)

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I believe this is the same issue as this one:
Please re-open if it is not.

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Mine crashed after logging in. may be a trivial difference, but not the exact same situation.

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thanks... hopefully it's the same bug!

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This bug has been found and will make it in the new devprev update


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