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719 (<15): Two chains of Insulin Mutant Repost
Status: Closed


Name: 719 (<15): Two chains of Insulin Mutant Repost
Status: Closed
Created: 05/27/2013
Points: 100
Expired: 06/03/2013 - 21:00
Difficulty: Beginner
Description: We are reposting puzzle 716, but this time with the new Disulfide Count Score Filter that gives you a bonus for forming bridges. More info about Disulfide Bridges in Foldit here: http://foldit.wikia.com/wiki/Disulfide_Bridge. Once formed, you'll need to click "Show Bonds (sidechain)" to view them. For players with fewer than 15 global points.
Categories: Beginner

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1Go Science8,6770
2Richard Dawkins Foundation8,3630
5Anthropic Dreams8,1980

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1Ilya Petrovich 62 2044  8,838100
2rimpel 62 2044  8,80598
3naptownboy 62 2044  8,79195
4thedude99 62 2044  8,77292
5EpicOrange 62 2044  8,73889

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If you are new to Foldit, here are detailed instructions to get you started:


If you want to fold proteins, know that there are many way to play and this variety is the main value of Foldit :
- try all puzzles not only "beginners" one,
- fold first the ones you like the most,
- try by yourself to understand what works and what doesn't,
- make your own strategy and at least try more than one, here some other strategies to play QTTN http://foldit.wikia.com/wiki/101_-_Puzzle_Levels_and_Types,
- ask for tips in global when you think you doesn't understand something.

Make sure you have followed these tutorials:
- lonely sheets,
- lock and lower,
- rebuild,
- structure and rebuild,
- control over clashing
before starting this puzzle.

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