Updating causes a crash in running client

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Opened by:Timo van der Laan
Opened on:Sunday, May 26, 2013 - 01:28
Last modified:Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 17:48

Had a client running. Started a new one and the running one crashed.
I dont like it.

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And again after the update the game starts not in the selection interface but in the less superior one imho.
Dont like that either.

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Changing tracks also puts me in the old interface.

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I agree that the original interface is less superior, either way it should preserve whatever you had before!
Hopefully this will be a quick fix.

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I think it might have been caused by starting a second instance when the first instance wasn't completed.
(The second one gave an error telling that the previous restart wasnt correct or something like that)
But having started anyway, changing to the selection interface and then changing track causing going back to the original interface really upset me.

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I find it disturbing that the project people find the standard interface "less superior". Hopefully the tools of the game are not optimized to perform better in one or the other.

I for one find the new "selection" interface supremely frustrating and obscure to use, impossible to be productive playing the game using it.

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Angus, that was just my own opinion and doesn't reflect that of the rest of the Foldit Team.

I personally think that the Selection Interface is much better for design (as you can select multiple residues and manually mutate them all at the same time) but I actually use the Original Interface for prediction.

Each one has its advantages, which is why we continue to support both versions!

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Sorry but I have to suggest it is a matter of taste and learning.

I for one find the old "selection" interface impossible to be productive playing the game using it.

And I find the new "selection" interface supremely easy to use, very productive playing the game using it.

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then the advantages of both should be incorporated in both. I love the classic myself, possibly because of my poor vision but I'm lost in the selection interface. This is just one of the many GUI fixes that need to be made to the game. All they have to do is program the fixes. Make it so that it looks like the devs are truly interested in making a better game for ALL of us.

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Timo, in the future, please enter separate issues for different problems. It make it easier for us to track the different issues. Thanks.

I've created bugs in our internal system for tracking these issues now.

The crashing issue is somewhat expected, but not ideal. We don't really support running multiple clients from the same installation. Unfortunately we don't stop you either and therefore there is an implied support. When the one client updated while the other was running, the binaries that the running client was using were overwritten and therefore when it went to load code that it hadn't loaded yet, there wasn't any code to load and therefore crashed. We should do something to avoid this in the future, but it is a bug that's been in the product for a long time.

As for the interface changing back to the original interface, I have not been able to reproduce this issue. On what platform are you running, Linux, OS-X, or Windows?



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