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Cookbook 101 says that you can edit a script while running it. Apparently it is not entirely a true statement. Accessing the cookbook is also not possible in classic view. Some of us dont like that idea. Could you please clarify.http://foldit.wikia.com/wiki/101_-_Cookbook

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this is not a bug. The why you are describing this, it is a lack of information in the wiki.

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Not described as a bug, described as a suggestion.

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You can access the cookbook at any time, even during script, by pressing 'C'. I don't know if this is true for original interface, and it is a bit buggy anyway. If u end script at that point, cookbook will seem to disappear, but still is there and clickable. Pressing 'C' two more times will fix the bug.

Wiki states:

Access to Cookbook while recipe is running
In the Selection interface only, whilst a script is running, you can:

edit, add, save, upload recipes the same way as you do without scripts running.
change the script you are running, the change will be available the next time you load the script.
change a script you have started from the editor, that makes no difference.

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