Replace threshold bonus/conditions with sigmoids

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Opened on:Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 13:25
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On/off conditions are really bad for scripts, especially scripts that use restore recent best. They stall out right on the edge of a condition. All moves either move up the energy score or violate a condition. At this point, both scripts and humans are stuck and have to basically start over from an older position.

If the conditions had a gradient, then maybe scripts could work around the cliff. Like Disable Filters, credit would only be given when there was no smoothing. It might be nice to put smoothing under user control in Lua and behavior tab, but that may be complicating things too much.

Filters that toggle credit with no penalty would have to acquire a penalty when the smoothing was on.

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I agree. At minimum the Core Filter should be graduated, and other should be considered so that players do not have an abrupt 200 point loss to overcome. It is very frustrating and detracts from a players enjoyment when they must overcome such a loss right on the brink of a good structure


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