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Topic:Developer Preview
Opened by:steveB
Opened on:Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 12:16
Last modified:Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 01:36

In the latest dev-prev, the list of people in the group chat contains people who should not be there.

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I experienced the same thing after the previous dev-prev update. I restated and the "others" were no longer there.

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This chat shows up in external IRC as "#" rather than "#AnthropicDreams" or some other team name. Conversation in the actual #AnthropicDreams room shows up only in external chat, not in game. SteveB and other non-AD players show up in the in-game team room list, but not in the #AnthropicDreams room accessed by external IRC. Players not in the AD team cannot join the actual AD room via external IRC. Players who are not on any team (e.g. brow42) show up in global but not in this mixed team room.

Here's a log of chat from the mixed group room:
(8:31:52 AM) auntdeen2: I'm typing this now in external
(8:31:54 AM) Susume2: ah, found it
(8:32:25 AM) auntdeen2: it's unsecured - gramps is the only op, which means he was here first
(8:33:18 AM) auntdeen2: steveB - what puzzle are you playing?
(8:33:37 AM) steveB: Good, you can't see that as well :)
(8:33:45 AM) steveB: I'm on 713
(8:33:55 AM) auntdeen2: I wonder if it's all in devprev or just 714 (which I opened)
(8:34:09 AM) auntdeen: IMAGE:
(8:34:21 AM) auntdeen2: ooooo - can send pix
(8:35:34 AM) auntdeen2: sigh - I need run out the door - steveB, you will feedback? and Sus - can you add about external?
(8:35:56 AM) steveB: So is this IRC channel not Void Crusher's IRC ?
(8:36:02 AM) auntdeen2: a funny bug
(8:36:09 AM) steveB: OK
(8:36:14 AM) auntdeen2: no… this is it's very own room
(8:36:19 AM) steveB: I have elready done a priority 1 feedback
(8:36:39 AM) steveB: strange
(8:36:53 AM) steveB: Can someone post an IRC chat log to the feedback ?
(8:37:30 AM) auntdeen2: I really have to run - Sus, maybe you can?
(8:37:37 AM) auntdeen2: bye :-)
(8:37:43 AM) steveB: bye :)
(8:39:48 AM) Susume2: am adding to steve's feedbakc now
(8:39:58 AM) steveB: Thanks susume
(8:41:29 AM) ManVsYard [~nobody@...] entered the room.

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Changing Topic to DevPrev

Members of any team who are using devprev cannot access their real team room ingame, they end up in this "all team" room.

Photos can be shared in this "all team" room.

Shared solutions are only those of real team - and sharing a solution in devprev is only accessible to members of real team (i.e. they do not appear for all players in the devprev "all team" room).

If a player is a solo player, they do not have access to the ingame "all team" room.

This room does function as group room no matter which puzzle you are playing.

This room is "unsecured" - the only op is gramps, who would have been first in. Brow42IRC (not a member of any team) is able to access the room via external irc.

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Solutions shared in devprev

Will not download to main: Error reading download_tmp_995108_1369144235.ir_solution[BUFFER]; bad SolutionDataList version.

This is for either another team member, or yourself.

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Changing priority back to 1

Sorry, but this is game breaking for team players in devprev, especially considering that they can't share their devprev solutions to main, either.

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Correct. There are plenty of teams where some players use devprev all the time, and other players only use main.

This makes any puzzle started with devprev for some players and main for others on the team a non-starter.

Going forward, it seems to make sense to announce a solution format change ahead of time (days, not hours!), and then require ALL clients (main and devprev) to upgrade to play the new format puzzles.

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Server side fix so this should be working in the clients now.

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That is the original subject of this thread is fixed in that group chat should be working.

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so that means the chat bug is fixed, but the devprev/main sharing bug is not?

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Didn't notice that I was signed in as one of my test accounts when I resolved this. Sorry.


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