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Opened on:Monday, May 20, 2013 - 05:49
Last modified:Monday, May 20, 2013 - 18:46

While checking a new translation of Foldit, I have found a number of strings (44 msgid items) which are not replaced by the corresponding msgstr strings (that is, the game displays English text instead of the translation supplied in the .po file).

To see whether this was just a problem with my translation, I checked other translations released with Foldit. For 39 of those msgid items, I found the same problem with two other translations released with Foldit (either Spanish and Hebrew or Spanish and Polish - once I found the same problem with two other languages I did not check the third). For the remaining 5 items the problem was seen with just the Polish translation but this is because none of the other languages available provides a translation to display. So in all cases, failure to display the translation is a problem with both my new translation and with existing translations.

If this is a problem with the .pot file then it affects multiple translations. Perhaps there is a problem with the program that substitutes the msgstr for the msgid entry.

There may be other msgid strings that are affected, these are the easiest to find because they all appear in a predictable way (mostly in the Intro Puzzles).

The strings which continue to be displayed in English even when a translation is provided are as follows:

msgid ""
"Are you sure you want to play offline?\n"
"This will prevent you from uploading\n"
"your score, downloading new puzzles, or\n"
"seeing other players."
"Any solutions saved while playing offline\n"
"will be loaded as evolver once you log in."

msgid ""
"Level %u-%u:\n"

msgid "Loading..."

msgid ""
"When you think SHAKE has done a good enough job, you can press it again to "

msgid "Oops, the helices are too far apart. Click here to reset."

msgid ""
"Just like SHAKE tries to take care of sidechains, WIGGLE tries to improve "
"the backbone. WIGGLE gets stuck if it cannot increase the score. Click this "
"button again to stop the tool."

msgid ""
"You can connect these sheets with RUBBER BANDS. RIGHT CLICK and DRAG from "
"one sheet to the other"

msgid "Try it with this sheet! HOLD SHIFT, then CLICK and DRAG."

msgid "When you're close, you can remove the bands."

msgid ""
"Sheets like to be alongside each other. Remember, hydrogen bonds are great "
"for your score."

msgid "Oops, the protein is coming apart. Want to reset?"

msgid ""
"You might have guessed by now, but color is used to show how well part of "
"the protein is folded. Green is good, red is not so good."

msgid ""
"This sheet has unburied hydrophobics. You can easily flip a sheet with "
"Tweak. Right click to find the tweek tool."

msgid "Orange pointing in, blue pointing out."

msgid ""
"To enter Structure Mode, click the Modes tab and choose Structure, or press "

msgid ""
"Now switch back to Pull Mode, and try to rebuild the whole thing to see "
"what's going to happen."

msgid ""
"In this puzzle, the natural folded state of the protein, called a NATIVE, is "
"known. Use the tools available to match the protein with the guide."

msgid ""
"To align the guide with a specific section of the protein, %s any segment "
"and click ALIGN GUIDE."

msgid ""
"If you haven't discovered it yet, you can attach a rubber band from the "
"protein to a point in empty space."

msgid "Rubber bands also affect the pull tool, not just Wiggle."

msgid ""
"In an Electron Density puzzle, we only have data on the rough shape of the "

msgid ""
"Adjust the THRESHOLD to change the thickness of the density region. At a "
"good threshold, you can see shapes in the region that match parts of the "

msgid ""
"Use Shake, Wiggle, Rubber Bands and Move to fold the protein into the best "
"possible shape that fits the predicted region."

msgid ""
"In exploration puzzles like this one, your goal is to find a solution that "
"is different from the starting structure."

msgid ""
"To avoid this, lower the CLASHING IMPORTANCE. This lets Wiggle keep making "
"small adjustments even if the protein is packed too tight."

msgid ""
"Try setting Clashing Importance to 0'DOT'01, then Wiggle while slowly "
"increasing it."

msgid ""
"A lower Clashing Importance will also help you pull on strands without "
"unravelling the protein, and can often increase your score when wiggle gets "

msgid ""
"These levels will introduce the powerful ALIGNMENT tool! It will let you use "
"the structures of real proteins, called TEMPLATES, by THREADING."

msgid ""
"When you THREAD, your protein will change itself to match the 3D TEMPLATE."

msgid ""
"Now that you've threaded it, close the alignment panel and try a shake and "

msgid ""
"To close the CUT, left click on one segment to bring up the MOVE tool, and "
"then move the pieces together until the CUT turns yellow. Then click the CUT."

msgid ""
"Double clicking THREADING will let you see your changes as you make them, or "
"you can wait until you're done to THREAD."

msgid ""
"Try to line up the colors. It's okay if there are spaces, but fewer spaces "
"is better."

msgid ""
"When there's a gap in the aligment, a CUT is inserted. When you're done "
"aligning, move the two pieces together, then WIGGLE and click when the band "
"turns yellow to close the cut."

msgid "Good, now SHAKE and WIGGLE to finish up!"

msgid ""
"To enter Design Mode, click the Modes tab and choose Design, or press 4."

msgid "Now some sidechains are too small, causing voids!"

msgid ""
"You've earned a new tool! Mutate Sidechains is like Shake, but may mutate "
"designable sidechains."

msgid ""
"This red line is a CONSTRAINT, indicating that the segments it connects "
"should be closer together."

msgid "If you're stuck, it may be easier to restart from the beginning."

msgid ""
"Left click on the ligand to bring up MOVE tool. RIGHT-button-drag to move "
"left, right, up, and down, LEFT-button-drag to rotate and SHIFT-LEFT(or "
"MIDDLE)-button-drag to move ligand Into/Out of screen."

msgid "When the ligand is in a good place, try a wiggle!"

msgid ""
"After moving the ligand closer, use WIGGLE SIDECHAINS to wiggle the "
"sidechains and the ligand at the same time. Try and compare it to Shake "

msgid "Try a shorter, forked hydrophilic here."

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Thanks a bunch for bringing this to our attention, kea. We'll look into this.

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yes even it is similar to this one


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