714 crashes with C++ runtime error

Case number:845829-995116
Opened by:ManVsYard
Opened on:Thursday, May 9, 2013 - 16:12
Last modified:Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 14:09

Not a hang, just issues error message and terminates. Main and devprev.

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ive expercinced the same problem with main.

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Thanks for reporting this.
Are you both using the same OS?
Is there anything in particular you did before the crash? (something easily reproducible would be great)

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Using windows xp sp2
It crashed as soon as I tried to open it. Very recreatable for me. Does it every time.

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are any Windows users able to open this puzzle?

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I can open it in Win 7 (64), devprev. Tried a move, wiggle, shake, reset, and close program: no crash.

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In Win 7 (64) with build 2013-04-29-55070:55073M-win_x86-devprev I can open it. Rebuild, Wiggle and Shake works, running a LUA script also works. No crash.

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Thank you.
Any XP users running into this crash?

cassandraberry81897, what OS are you on?
I noticed you were at least able to play the puzzle:

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I have consistently reported this type of crash using WinXP SP2 for the last year. Running LUA scripts on almost every puzzle will cause it. It's become so normal I quit reporting it. Just did it twice last night using a mutate script on 708.

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Just got this now in devprev.

Stopped a script on a solo 708, selected Main | Puzzle Menu | 714 and the client crashed with the C++ Runtime Error.

From the log.txt file:

[{"OperationID":"SetPlayerPuzzleScores","Value":[{"Status":"Success","PuzzleID":995073,"ScoreType":"score"},{"Status":"Failed","PuzzleID":995073,"ScoreType":"group_score","ErrorCode":"InvalidScoreType","ErrorString":"Score type of group_score is invalid."}],"CorrelationID":282}]
SetPuzzleScore Error: InvalidScoreType: Score type of group_score is invalid.
Autosaved puzzles/0000995073/0000045133/default/autosave.ir_solution.
Autosaved puzzles/0000995073/0000045133/default/autosave-best.ir_solution.
Autosaved puzzles/0000995073/0000045133/default/autosave-recentbest.ir_solution.
Autosaved puzzles/0000995073/0000045133/default/autosave-creditbest.ir_solution.
downloading: http://fold.it/portal/files/puzzle_pdb/puzzle_post_462.zip
has key .density
basic.io.database: Database file opened: scoring/score_functions/P_AA_pp/P_AA_pp
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: Loading Density Map
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: Setting resolution to 3A
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: atom mask to 3.2A
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: CA mask to 6A
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: Read density map'0000995108.ir_puzzle.density'
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: extent: 93 x 83 x 67
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: origin: 0 x 0 x 0
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: altorigin: 0 x 0 x 0
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: grid: 93 x 83 x 67
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: celldim: 53.7735 x 47.9914 x 39.6353
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: cellangles: 90 x 90 x 120
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: crs2xyz: 1 x 2 x 3
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: symBytes: 0
MINMULT: 2 2 2
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: max_del_grid =1.5
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: Density map stats:
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: min = -2.60996
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: max = 8.71731
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: mean = -0.00432873
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: stdev = 0.628753
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: CoM = 44.5433 , 38.2589 , 30.3255
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: xform = 29.7778 , 41.5618 , 39.6353
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: efforig = 0 , 0 , 0
has key .owts_patch
protocols.evaluation.ChiWellRmsdEvaluatorCreator: Evaluation Creator active ...
has key .opdb
core.scoring.electron_density.FastDensEnergy: Creating new one-to-all energy container (96)
core.scoring.electron_density.ElectronDensity: Resizing 93x83x67 to 190x168x136

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Can't open puzzle either, win 7, 64bit, main client.

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I opened this a few days ago, also just now and did a wiggle. It takes a very long time to open but it did not crash. Win 7, main.

(probably not going to play it, that ED was horrrrrrrible). FYI, puzzle took 878MB.

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win 7 pro 64bits crashed three times immediately on loading phase.

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Log.txt file from crash - looks the same as Angus's. On devprev.

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Loaded old ED puzzle reset options to minimal viewing and then reloaded 714, same crash result. I noticed that owts_patch message was out of place. Perhaps a timing issue between the puzzle load and the startup of the Evaluation creator( wild guess, of course ). Log included

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This is familiar. Found this old feedback for 657 ED 3 (not 655 ED 2):


Same error. The puzzle had to be reposted.


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