708 cut and close loses bonus

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Opened on:Thursday, May 9, 2013 - 11:44
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If you take a score in 708 where the bonus points are present. Then make a cut, do nothing else and close the cut, the bonus is gone and stays gone, no matter how slightly you try to move, wiggle, shake or mutate.

An example is in contenders group share 'BP12050.336 solo'. Place a cut at 16, then close.

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Thanks for the report, BP. We'll take a look at this.

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I have another case of cuts losing points. In 717 (just ended) I find that creating a cut and immediately closing it will lose 30 points. I have submitted lose30when_cutting as a 'share with scientist' solution. (I think). It makes no difference WHERE the cut was made.

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Here are two more very very strange examples of things going wrong with cutpoints.
I took the 718 structure and made two cutpoints in the mutable areas. I then wiggles and reconnected the cutpoints. The mutable areas look nearly 100% identical. However, in the unmodifyable areas, there now is a bump where no change should be possible.

Two uploaded files: unmodifyable_unmodified and unmodifyable_modified.

The score difference again is around 30 points.

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Thanks BP... this is first on the list after we solve the wiggle issues.


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