Hand-Folding: Color Coding

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Opened on:Thursday, May 9, 2013 - 01:16
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We should be able to color code segments.

I spend about 30 mins. and 20-30 moves in between rebuilds. It is hard to keep track of which segments have already been rebuild. I think color coding will make it easier to keep track of which segments have been rebuilt.

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Considering how many hand folding puzzles we have now, this would be a great tool.

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Simple solution, use the notes on the segments to keep track.

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notes arent that good of a visual. plus, the notes are not working right.

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No more things done by colors! We colorblind folks are already at all kinds of disadvantage at this game.

Notes are the way to go. Don't you have enough colors in these puzzles, anyways?

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The colors aren't a big deal. The object of this tool is to be able to select/high light a segment or group of segments, lock that high light in place and not have the high lighted segments be affected or it affect the whole puzzle. I'll simply put it another way; V2 scripts can already do this. Segments may be selected, yet you can tell the script to wiggle or shake the whole protein. So basically, high lighted segments can be ignored by all commands so that high lights can be used just as a reminder or marker.

Colors are not exactly needed.


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