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Why do some residues in one of the trimer copies have a lighter shade of grey than the other ones ? This is not explained anywhere.

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Mirror copies follow your selected coloring scheme, only very faded. You probably have hydro color on. I often switch to structure mode to make the mirror parts more visible, because I like the structure coloration.

I believe there are new options now for coloring mirror parts in the options file, but I haven't messed with them.

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I do not. I noticed it is visible in one client copy, but when I load it into another client, it is gone. Both have the same color settings, sidechain options. It probably is a side effect of another bug.

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Can you attach a screenshot of the issue?

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Alas, I closed the puzzle earlier and upon reloading the saves, the discoloration is not visible anymore. The color of the backbone was a similar light grey as the one of the mutated sidechains and it only applied to the first 20 or so residues on the copy. All of those had the light grey color whereas the rest of the copy was darker grey. only one copy of the trimer was affected.


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