Add Zero Length Bands to GUI recipes

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Opened on:Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 15:54
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Zero length bands have become a common tool for stabilizing all or part of a protein. Could they be added to the GUI recipe interface? Players could choose to add them to all segments or by stride or user pick, but the band destination would be in space at the same location as the band origin. This just pins the segment in space while still allowing it to wiggle and settle.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Susume! We'll explore this.

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I suggested band length in GUI not too long ago, but I think it got overlooked with all the feedbacks popping up. The link is here: It would be very useful with all the hand folding rounds, most notably the denovo. It seems funny to be that we have change band strength, but not change band length.

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Thanks AsDawnBreaks.
Marking this one as duplicate to, and updating yours.

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Having a GUI recipe create a zero-length band to space from every segment is not the same as setting the length of existing bands. These are two completely different functions, both of which would be useful, but for different goals. My goal is not to shorten existing bands but to create new bands to space with zero length from the beginning. There is currently no way to have a GUI recipe create bands to space for you, only bands to other segments.

The beautiful thing about assigning zero length to the band when it is created (not later in a separate step) is that it sets the end of the band to the current location of the segment in space. For a sample of how this works, see brow42's lua recipe Zero Length Bands. The lua equivalent of what Dawn is asking for is band.SetGoalLength. The lua equivalent of what I'm suggesting is band.Add.

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