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708: Multi-Start 76 Residue Symmetric Dimer
Status: Closed


201Sugarfrost 173 16916  11,7801
202AIDA64 173 16916  11,7771
203Abu4312 173 16916  11,7761
204Thrianya 173 16916  11,7671
205Thooliv 173 16916  11,7591
206mhasanclaflin 173 16916  11,7541
207Hazelton 173 16916 Gargleblasters11,7521
208harvardman 118 183 Anthropic Dreams11,7511
209jwj1324 173 16916  11,7281
210redguy 173 7028  11,7221
211joesan 173 16916  11,7181
212djag 173 16916 Contenders11,7081
213iw123w 173 16916  11,7061
214preltex 173 16916  11,7041
215ossidrile 173 16916  11,7031
216aspadistra 173 2093 DSN @ Home11,7021
217Bonebraker 173 16916  11,6721
218topdog 173 16916  11,6701
219srowen 173 16916  11,6561
220richard c 173 16916  11,6261
221The Chriss 173 16916  11,6181
222pstaff2 173 16916  11,6071
223chrisroscher 173 16916  11,6021
224zachlipton 173 16916  11,6011
225aimana shole 173 16916  11,5821

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We are continuing to work on getting rid of the filters, but at this time we still need to enable the "Core Exists" and "ResidueIE" filters. We are working with the scientists in the Bakerlab to come up with new ways to achieve the same results without the filters, but we ask for you to bear with us until that happens.

These filters are nowhere as slow as the 'Layer Design' filter, so hopefully they do not hinder your puzzle progress and enjoyment of design.

One reason we were able to remove the 'Layer Design' filter is because we are now using a score term called 'envsmooth'. What this term does is look at the environment around each amino acid and determine if it is statistically similar to the environment found in similar amino acids in native proteins. In earlier design puzzles, this score term was not used. Initially when we used this score term players were able to get high scoring crazy solutions in devprev. We have modified it so that should no longer be possible.

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