705 is bugged

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I've reset the puzzle and this is result:


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Do you lose the guide every time you reset?

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I had turned off the guide - my eyes couldn't process it very well, which is why I reset to work as a normal unguided puzzle.

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I've been informed that there are two starts - and that seriously malformed helix is one of them

What on earth are you folks thinking?

This isn't fun.

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On that note,I can't wiggle as effectively without shaking in between, wiggle doesn't work as effectively, and bands are way to powerful. I get the most points from rebuilding without wiggling. My whole structure is brown. It's difficult to play, made even worse by no scripting.

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Changing back to bug...

The second "start" is seriously messed up. I reloaded that to look it over and found 2 areas where the backbone goes through itself (no wiggle done at all):


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Dear lord, where to start ?

Wiggling with bands is amazing, at strength 0.05 to 0.1 you can use them, I did to bring sheets together. But then after that initial wiggle, your bands might as well have disappeared since enable/disabling them during a wiggle or before/after simply doesn't affect the protein anymore. Upping their strength (even the tiniest bit up to 0.2) will just collapse everything in on itself.
E.g.: I band 2 sheets together, str 0.15, I wiggle, get some points. Disable bands, wiggle again, no movement whatsoever.. Even though those two sheets are now so close together, they're clashing and not bonding anywhere (where did those pts come from anyway?). Clashing importance has no effect on this whatsoever. Wiggling at full ci with DISabled bands just doesn't get rid of the clashes.

Which brings me to: Clashing importance has no noticeable effect. Period. At 0.01 or just 0, might as well be full ci.

As auntie mentioned, the starts are horrible. Did u want us to find easy points by rebuilding, keeping up our hopes, or just thought "meh, they've seen worse." ? 'Cause I'm not so sure about that.

+1 on AsDawnBreaks, rebuild gets u the most points, so far. Rebuild and straighten a helix, good points, the wiggle afterwards, maybe 2 or 3 pts.

Rebuilding sheets is kinda awkward, they don't like to be straight, it seems. Cut them out, band the ends far away in space (which would normally result in the sheet being pulled both ways, thus straightening itself) and it still tries to curl up and die. Backbone contraints on or off. At least bands are not universally overpowered? Derp.

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705... Kill it with fire.

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I do want to apologize for Puzzle 705, since clearly it was not ready for primetime (and I know Boots will say that it never will be! :-)

We really thought that we had addressed the main concerns from the feedback we got when we posted it in devprev:

but clearly there was a lot more to address than just the bugs in the above thread (or why the clashing importance acts differently: http://fold.it/portal/node/995050)

Just to let you know that we will NOT be posting round 2 of 705 anytime soon, as we work to address your centroid suggestions:

We thank you again for your patience with this puzzle and your understanding.


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