Something seems to be wrong with wiggle again...

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Since the major updates of devprev March 21 and main March 26, players are reporting some wiggle behaviors that are not right.

These include:

1. Wiggle seems to get frozen (often in strange shapes)

2. Wiggling after a rebuild can bring you from bright green - to colors suddenly - then again suddenly back to bright green… a few times within one wiggle

3. Occasionally you can wiggle a helix and it will completely deform and turn bright red

4. All those behaviors have been seen in 1.0 CI. If using low CI in early game, it almost seems as if the log slider has returned - low CI acts as if it is 1.0 CI in many cases (when you jump to normal 1.0 CI from low, there is little gain, almost as though you have been using 1.0 the whole time)

5. It seems as though fusing is stiffening puzzles

6. Banders seem to be not be yielding the points they normally do

When something becomes "wrong" with wiggle or the game software, it takes a while for the players to figure out exactly what it is - most players think that it's personal, until people start chatting about it.

Unfortunately, because the updates in the past few months don't allow us to backtrack a client to compare, we can't do much detective work to try to nail down the issues.

Hopefully other players can add to this feedback with their observations and thoughts to help figure out what's going on...

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In addition to seeing some of the behavior mentioned above, I've notice the following change in wiggle since the March 26 update to main client:

Before last client update, scores seemed to evolve more smoothly, monotonically, during wiggle as they moved higher or lower. Now, especially at lower ci during initial stabilization of proteins, the score jumps up/down in larger random steps and frequently the best wiggle score is not last score when wiggle stops.

I'm not certain if this produces better or worse results, but is another symptom of a recent change.

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I have also noticed wiggle is not having the effect it should. I'm seeing red segments not wiggleing out. I attached a screenshot as an example of what I've seen.

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Thanks for doing this investigation into issues with wiggle, ci etc...

If it's possible, could you give us specific examples to look into? If there are issues with beginner puzzles, that would be the best since those puzzles have been reposted and you are familiar with them.

Otherwise, if you have specific instances with saved solutions where you are not getting expected results then we can examine those.


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It will take a while to give specific examples - everyone thought it was personal or a one time thing. But will do as we come across examples.


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