Clients crash for unknown reasons

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Opened on:Saturday, April 27, 2013 - 23:55
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I had 8 clients running between two computers. I came back after about 2.5 hours and found that 2 clients had crashed on one computer (was only running 2) and 1 client had crashed on the other (running 6 clients). I don't know what cause the crash but I'm attaching the corresponding Windows event log data.

Client version:


The log.txt file appeared to have been cleared out when I loaded a client afterwards to get find the client version.

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Crashed on 4/26 while running void killer on 703 or 706. On 4/27 was running 2 clients and when I came back both had crashed. On 4/27 was running either a rebuild or void program on 704 and again found it crashed. And, the soloist box said high score was 9281 but none of the options for best in the UNDO menu got higher than 9279.

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PS. Was running regular client on Win 7, 64 bit.

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I just realized when I checked the notebook computer more closely (6 clients running originally) and found that only one client survived (703 expired).

What's odd is that the log.txt file has a size of 24M, but only 398 lines. On One line there are 2,172047 [nul] characters followed by:

Autosaved puzzles/0000994978/9999426239/gw10395/autosave.ir_solution.

On the last line in the file, there are 22,010,527 consecutive [nul] characters followed by:

CB: 7.65957e-0005 1

I believe the file would be too big to upload using the file attachment method.

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I had 3 of 4 crash while gone today.

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Beat me to it, gitwut. This happens daily for me while scripting, but haven't gotten around to posting it till now.

Client verion:

I have the log attached, but I believe the issue is here:

Unhandled exception in thread 02EE4470 (class game::application::novice::BoincThread): Error: database returned invalid result at time 1367103639 (..\..\..\rosetta_source\src\game\application\novice\boinc\

ERROR: Unhandled exception: Error: database returned invalid result at time 1367103639
ERROR:: Exit from: ..\..\..\rosetta_source\src\interactive\application\ line: 210
ERROR: Rosetta exit unexpectedly

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It is very common for me. I identified several possible reasons:
-windows actions (like updates during the night) or antivirus ones => i desactivate as much sheduled tasks as i can;
-errors in the recipes: caling for an undefined variable stops the client without notice
(for this kind of error, there is a parade in the whritening of the recipe, see end of Ebola Rebuild launching error case function:;

-BUT still it often happens on all but 1 clients on the same PC (only one track remains, usually the first open one)

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I think this is related to

Once the fix for that goes out, let us know if the issues still occurs.


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