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hello... i have been using Foldit for about 3 months and have been playing on a different network. Lately, new puzzles have been coming out and my network isnt allowing me to download the newest updates... When i check the science puzzles, it only shows old, expired puzzles... is this due to me not downloading the update?

Also, in later additions on the game, could please allow the game to be automatically updated when the new release is posted on the forum or web?

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Hi Crystalcia,

Yes you need the latest update of the game client to run many of the puzzles. So if your network isn't letting you download it then you won't be able to play the latest puzzles.

We don't update the installer with the latest build every time we release an update because of the overhead. We like to allow the in-game updater get the client to the latest build.

If there's a way to add an exception to allow Foldit to update or use a different network to update, you could do that. You could also download the updates on another machine and just copy over the files to the machine that won't let you download new updates.


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