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Some noticed finenesses relating to the GUI:

a) The Behavior of vertical scrollbars in Recipewindow and in the Chatwindows when a click occurs between the slider and an up/down arrow is unexpected. It should jump one side and shows only the last/first line from the page shown before but now it jumps only a half side, so that the user has to search, where to focus his attention.

b) A mouseclick on arrows near scrollbars (Clashing Importance and scrollbars in recipes) repeats counts of the Scrollbarvalue very early (in Windows 7 and in Linux Mint cinnamon). Perhaps the scrollbars are too short or the a single mouseclick repeats faster than the mousebutton is released (faster than in the operation system settings).

c) The ergonomic of the GUI-handling is horrible because of far too much necessary mouseclicks and many wasted space/area for oversized buttons/windowframes/messagewindows.

Especially the lowering of the necessary mouseclicks and the design of some smaller elements would boost the ergonomics significant.

An mouseover over a menu item (Actions, Undo, ... , View, Menu) [and the (oversized) Buttons in the Selection Interface] should pop up the menu until the wanted last item is clicked.
If the menu has been opened by mouseover, the menu should automatic disappear with mouseout.
If the menu has been opened by mouseclick, the menu should remain open (as it is now) and closed by next mouseclick.
The same behavior is wanted for the menu buttons in the Selection Interface.

d) The description for the handling of selection in the Selection Interface should be retractable. A description for the handling of all the freeze options should be added, because there is no Button for freeze.

When I find the file with further notes on my computer, I will post in this theme.

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Thanks for all the notes about GUI issues Morus. We're looking into changes in the GUI now.

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further more:

undo-window: onmouseover show scores while running processes
undo-window: onmouseover show the clash- and the bond-grades-messages together with the score
undo-window: Button and function missing for "set to highest score of last action" (interesting after rebuild)


right-click on background: open a menu with the options (plus ToolTips with Hotkey-Info):
open view-window,
auto center puzzle,
align guide,
rotate view for 90 degrees in x,
rotate view for 90 degrees in y,
rotate view for 90 degrees in z.

Hotkeys for rotate view in x, y, z by 15°-steps would be fine.


It is annoying, to change strength and length for Bands in single windows for each.
Suggestion for right-click on Band:
replace "Change Band Length" by "zero Band Length" to set the band length to zero,
replace "Change Band Strength" by "Change Band Settings"
=> that opens one window for changing Strength and Length, (see attach: bandmenu.png)
(the value ranges for band strength should be the same as in recipes it is possible (0.1 to 20? instead of 0.5 to 1.5); the arrows near the slider should be larger.)


right-click on helix:
tweak-arrows should have another color as rubberbands and a lighter color at dark background


Selection Interface: for several menu items there is no ToolTip, so the user can not see the Hotkey for the function.


Original Interface: for some menu items there is no ToolTip, so the user can not see the Hotkey for the function. Especially the menubar (Actions, Undo, ..., View, Menu) should have ToolTips with the Hotkey description.


The score-display needs more than 3 decimal places when shown in advanced GUI. Suggestion: 6 decimal places for score-display.


The sliders have too small arrows, so it is not easy to snap them with the mouse cursor.

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I particularly like these suggestions.

The following one would save us a lot of time for quick alignement in ED:

rotate view for 90 degrees in x,
rotate view for 90 degrees in y,
rotate view for 90 degrees in z.

Could it be implemented in a kind of short key?


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