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Beginner Puzzle (<150): Turkey Egg Lysozyme
Status: Closed


1zeroblue 70 1879  11,148100
2Hazelton 70 1879 Gargleblasters11,08099
3mottiger 70 1879 Anthropic Dreams11,04597
4dembones 70 1879 Contenders10,98196
5Auntiesocial 70 1879  10,72894
6gcm24 70 1879  10,70093
7Incongruous 70 1879  10,64789
8Vincera 52 79 10,53688
9oaks 70 1114  10,44087
10Vredeman 70 1879  10,40285
11vizerot 70 1879  10,37884
12Petry 70 1879 FoldIt@Netherlands10,36482
13SallyT 70 1879  10,36281
14edutrevisol 70 1879  10,32479
15MSBennett 70 1879  10,28778
16MAREK-KUKO 70 1879  10,28677
17blochsphere 70 1879  10,23875
18joaniegirl 70 528  10,15274
19Reuben 70 1879  10,11773
20galactobourico 70 1879  10,09972
21ghk_grsystem 70 1879  10,08670
22tim1079 70 1879  10,06269
23zephebris 70 1879 NETD10,06168
24debraj 70 1879  10,05667
25Experimentalist 70 1879  10,05166

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If you are new to Foldit, here are detailed instructions to get you started:

HINT: If you are having trouble with this puzzle, try using the "Align Guide" tool:

By right clicking on a region of the protein (not the guide) it will pull up a menu with 6 tools. The bottom right one is "Align Guide". Clicking on it will align the native guide to the region of the protein you selected.
This will help you see what sections on your protein correspond to the guide!

Working with the guide is much more user friendly when you use the advanced viewing options.
In the game click on Menu->General Options and select "Show Advanced GUI" and click Done.
Click on View, turn on 'Show Outline,' set the background color to white, and view stubs on the sidechains, view the guide, and set color relative to guide. Turn all the other view options off."


If you want to fold proteins, know that there are many way to play and this variety is the main value of Foldit :
- try all puzzles not only "beginners" one,
- fold first the ones you like the most,
- try by yourself to understand what works and what doesn't,
- make your own strategy and at least try more than one, here some other strategies to play QTTN http://foldit.wikia.com/wiki/101_-_Puzzle_Levels_and_Types,
- ask for tips in global when you think you doesn't understand something.

Make sure you have followed these tutorials:
- lonely sheets,
- lock and lower,
- rebuild,
- structure and rebuild,
- quest to the native
- control over clashing
before starting this puzzle.

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