The power outage has caused some problems with chat for groups

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The return from the power outage has caused issues with players accessing their group chat rooms.

First - all IRC nicks are being banned the first time they try to join. Group admins need to be on the lookout for bans and clear them. If a user has admin permissions, they can unban themselves by typing "/msg chanserv unban #GroupName" (no quotation marks) - although this hasn't worked for some, and the ban must be cleared by a group admin.

Second - anyone who has switched teams since the last nickserv backup is having extra issues.

Third, anyone who has joined a team since Sept/Oct (apparently the last time nickserv was backed up) is being denied entry to their group. These players need to close their global chat connected client, then do the following: go to their user page on foldit website - click edit - click IRC - check the fix permissions box and save. That should allow entry to group room when client is restarted.

I request that the developer who should have backed up nickserve please bring nickserv up to date with the current team roosters. This is at least an hour of work for me and other team admins - and requires a good familiarity with nickserv, which many team admins do not have. I've done it before (a few times!), and supposedly would never need to do it again because it would be backed up frequently...

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IRC nicks created since the last backup are not registered with chanserv. I just tried to add 2 back to my access list but can't (they have not yet logged in, and chanserv says they are not registered).

During the day we have discovered that a nick of this type has to try to get into a room - be unbanned by an admin - then need to CLOSE their irc and reopen in order to get into a group room.

Please make it a priority to re-register all irc nicks with chanserv so that we don't have to go through all this process. Thanks.

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IRC accounts and permissions should be restored. Let me know if there are still any issues.

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Within VC OP permissions are not restored, but are lost. (Normally almost everybody in our group has the power to unban others, that has changed).

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I also found that.

But I went into my access list and changed all irc nicks back to 50. I wasn't sure if Seth's comment had been posted after I did that, though, so I didn't comment here.

If any admin on a team doesn't know how to do what I did, please pm me and I'll post the directions here.

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Marking this one as resolved then.


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