Would it be possible to get some basic text editing features in the script editor? Plus, some other thoughts.

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First off, I'd like to introduce myself, and thank the developers for an extremely fun, interactive, and challenging game/application which promotes science, learning, and has altruistic goals.

I've recently started to play around with the script editor, and create some simple scripts. But, I have found it to be extraordinarily frustrating, especially for a beginner such as myself.

By far, the largest frustration is the apparent lack of basic text editing functionality such as: the ability to highlight a section of text and copy/paste/delete it.

Line numbers in the left-most column would also be help with debugging scripts, as the LUA parser doesn't seem to have much to offer in terms of debugging tools.

It would be nice to have the ability to to directly save/import a script to a text file. I'm aware this is possible now, just not as simple as it could be. A button or two would be nice.

I love the GUI script editor! It's simple and fun to use, and useful at times, but unfortunatly it is very limited in it's functionlity. Kudos to whomever programmed that, because it's really nice!

Also difficult for a beginner, is the lack of documentation, explanation, and examples for some of the Foldit-specific functions. I've been getting all of my information from the foldit wiki. It's a bit hit or miss, some functions are explained well, others such as: behavior.GetWiggleAccuracy(), and behavior.GetWiggleAccuracy() seem to be completely undocumented. The fact that there are two versions of LUA functions, v1 and v2 really just adds to the confusion. It would be really nice if all of the above could be incorporated into the script editor's "Help" button, as some of it already has been.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Take care,

-- CheezWhiz

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Thanks for the comments.

Yes, the in-game script editor is very bare bones. Because of this, I think anyone who writes scripts does so in an external editor and just pastes it into the ingame editor to save. On our next pass of GUI fixes and updates we should have some changes to make the script editor easier to work with. With our current schedule of features, I'm not quite sure when that will be though.

As for the GUI editor, it's restricted in functionality on purpose because it's enabled in 'hand folding' puzzles where we don't want the full power of LUA scripts to be available.

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Reducing priority. 1 is reserved for game breaking issues.

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Thanks for reviewing my comments,and for your thoughtful reply.

Yes, I have been copying and pasting from a text editor as well. But, it is inconvenient.

You stated, "On our next pass of GUI fixes and updates we should have some changes to make the script editor easier to work with."

I'm hoping that the "GUI fixes" that you mentioned will include the highlight/copy/paste/delete funtionality I mentioned. They are features common to even the most basic text editor nowadays. And would simplify the scripting/learning process immensely.



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I think one button export/import button for the script would help a lot.


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