Low scoring residues still displayed when residue IE score met (Mac)

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Opened on:Saturday, April 6, 2013 - 03:10
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Showed on Mac version (up to date as of 6/4/13).

Example: puzzle 697 has a Tryptophan sidechain that scores too low. Click "Show" to highlight the residue then change to Alanine.

Filter now passes but red highlight is still shown. Is this correct? Normally the red highlights only show errors.

If it's deliberate that the residue is still highlighted when filter passes, suggest it's shown in blue in this case.

See attached image (highlighted residue at bottom of image).

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 2.08.11 PM.png106.4 KB
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Question: does is disappear after a (small) wiggle or shake? If so then probably the recomputing for showing problems is not triggered by a mutate.

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Hi, I can't get rid of it using wiggle or shake.

And it doesn't matter whether the residues concerned are highlighted at the time the filter passes.

Another clue- it's always the last residue to be fixed that's highlighted once the filter passes. I can switch the segment that gets highlighted by mutating to 2 invalid residues, then correcting the desired residue last.

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Could you share your solution with yourself and then let us know the name of the shared solution? I'll look into it.

It looks like it's just a bug where the graphics haven't updated correctly, but I'll check and make sure.


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