cant log in at all with windows 8? is there a know problem?

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I keep getting a "loggin in"then it just hangs? and "no response"?? why is that?? so I have never been able to play an online fold it game,,

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Foldit should run on Windows 8 just fine. A couple things to try out:

* Look at the log.txt in the folder where you installed foldit, post it here
* Try checking the "Disable network timeouts" button on the login page
* Make sure the user you are logged in as can write files in the foldit directory
* Check that your firewall isn't blocking foldit communication

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I'm having the same problem. This is my log, please help! Can't post my log though, because of this:

' Comment contains a URL. Please play Foldit in order to be allowed to post URLs '

But I cannot play it, so I can't post the log.

These things seem to be the error though:

Can't open options file options.txt. (..\..\..\source\src\interactive\application\
Can't open theme file theme.txt. (..\..\..\source\src\interactive\application\
Can't open options file irc-ignore.txt. (..\..\..\source\src\game\util\

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It looks like you have a permissions issue in the Foldit directory. Where do you have the game installed?

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On my C disk


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