Client is hanging on exit

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Opened by:auntdeen
Opened on:Saturday, March 30, 2013 - 04:48
Last modified:Monday, April 15, 2013 - 16:41

For the second time today - and the only times I've exited a client since the update - my client hangs when exiting.

Mac OS 10.7.5

I have also heard others who are on windows report the same behavior.

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Once yesterday and once today the client hung when I quit and it asked if I was sure and I clicked yes. Also once yesterday and once today it hung when I cancelled a script (TvdL enhanced DRW 2.0.1). Latest client, Win 7 64.

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Happened to me as well the last few times I exited the client, had to force it to exit with the task manager.
Latest DevPrev, Win7 64

Added last lines of my log.txt

delta_score: -0.230301
Playing sound: 4
Autosaved puzzles/0000994848/0000042629/default/autosave.ir_solution.
Autosaved puzzles/0000994848/0000042629/default/autosave-best.ir_solution.
Autosaved puzzles/0000994848/0000042629/default/autosave-recentbest.ir_solution.
Autosaved puzzles/0000994848/0000042629/default/autosave-creditbest.ir_solution.
Option file found. Sending...
closing boinc...
SRVR_THRD starting solution data upload...
SRVR_THRD finished solution data upload. took 1.97686 seconds.
SRVR_THRD sending: 42629 994848 group_score
SRVR_THRD sending: 42629 994848 score
SRVR_THRD sending play event log...

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Happens to me also sometimes on exit. And when you cancel my DRW it happens sometimes when the scripts is rebuilding or wiggling. In those 2 functions there is a window of opportunity, probably when they are exiting, that can cause a hang when a cancel is given.

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I've also been having this issue, after clicking yes on exit confirm dialog definitely,
on cancelling script, not that I recall.
Win 7, 64bit, main latest client.
Seems to happen more often when I have a filter puzzle open (690, 691), may be lag related.

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Bumping this because it's now been a week since I have been able to close a client normally - it hangs on quitting and I have to force quit every single time...

This is a problem for all OS from the comments here and in global. Please fix.

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I'm running devprev on Windows, and although it takes much longer than I think it should, the clients usually do close for me (around 30-60 seconds, maybe longer--I haven't clocked it).

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Oops, sorry for the -1!

My client consistently closes after 60 seconds on non-design puzzles. (Main, Win 7). It's possible clicking on the window while it's not responding might do something that REALLY makes it hang.

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Happens to me too, haven't had a normal exit in weeks. Devprev, win7 32 bit.

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Changing priority to 1-High since it's enough of an issue for me to stop playing until this issue is resolved.

It happens on all of my computers. Win7 and xp. All have proper windows updates and have had virus scans. Both devprev and main do it. I've restarted and defragged.

I'm unable to close clients normally. They hang 100% of the time upon closure. This has been happening for weeks.

Auntdeen2... please send me a note when this is resolved since I'm considering a time out from foldit until this is resolved. The game should be fun rather than annoying.

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Sorry for the long delay in responding to this. We're trying to figure out exactly what is causing the problem.

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I'll look into this.

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Happens to me too, and I don't play the filtered puzzles hardly at all. I was blaming this on my # of clients, but I can't any longer. In my case as with Madde, I have to use taskmanager almost 100% of the time to end a client and I do allow for 60 and sometimes 120 sec delays before attempting T.M. Win7x64

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log.txt attached as per RicGray's request.

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Anyone who experiences this issue, please attach to this thread a file containing the last 500 lines of the log.txt file. You can find this file next to the foldit.exe executable file.


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No longer happening to me Ric, in fact noticed having stopped just a few minutes after having made my post about it. No remembered activity that should have either created the problem or for that matter ended the problem as this was before most recent devprev. For me at least this issue started at least 3 weeks ago tho..

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A new setting was activated when we were having server issues that had the side effect of writing all of the log data at shutdown instead of periodically throughout play. This meant that the longer one played, the longer the shutdown took because more data would build up that needed to be pushed on shutdown.

The setting has been removed so things should return to normal now.


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