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There is a user need to limit the number of candidates AAs for a mutation, taking into account the "preferred" design options displayed in the puzzle or segment description.

Several suggestions have been made to answer this need. I link them here.

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Here are suggested solutions to cover this need:

1. Design puzzle mutate menu:
"For the Layer Design: I would suggest that all accepted residues of the currently selected segment be also highlighted in gui mutate tool as a guide during hand folding."

2. New Lua 2 functions:
"New option for structure.CanMutate"

"New structure.GetDescription"

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Thanks for listing out the related feedbacks. If the LayerDesign and other filters stay then we will implement something like this but right now it's not clear that they are here to stay.

So right now, LUA functions to grab this specific data from these particular filters probably won't be very useful (since by the time they go out to main, the filters may not be used anymore anyway).

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We'll come back to this in more recent suggestions


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