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structure.CanMutate(integer segmentIndex, string aminoAcid)

Is it possible to add an option like "forbidden" (impossible to mutate) or "penalized" (not recommended to mutate because penalties or no bonus).

I suggest:

structure.CanMutate(integer segmentIndex, string aminoAcid [, forbidded])


forbidded = true (default) => Foldit would not allow a mutation to this aa
forbidded = false => You may mutate but at own risk (you will loose bonus or gain penalties)

Thus, for example
structure.CanMutate(3, g, true) = structure.CanMutate(3, g)
will return false if no mutation is even possible

structure.CanMutate(3, g, false)
will return false if mutation is allowed but penalized

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See summary of needs and alternative solutions here:

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Much prefer solutions that return a list instead of querying one AA type at a time. This is one thing from LUA1 that I miss. Could be combined with IsMutable, with true/false the first return value, and a table(s) after.

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