What is corner picture?

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In some screenshots, for example


there is a smaller silhouette of the protein in the lower left corner.

Does that have a function? What causes it to appear?

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tamirh has said that this is a bug. It's the low-res mouse click buffer.

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brow42 is correct.

The method we use to determine what part of the protein you are pointing to is we basically render a very simple version of the protein in the background with a different color assigned to each different part. There's a bug where this image gets into the buffer that we use to save screenshots sometimes.

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How to avoid this:

The day before yesterday, I ran into this phenomenon when I uploaded an image to chat. The people in the chat had seen this before, but could not explain it. Yesterday, I did some more experimenting, and found out the following:

  • The ghost image may appear when saving a screenshot to the desktop (hotkey: Ctrl-H), which makes it easier to experiment, without polluting the chat.
  • Whenever the mouse pointer is over a part of the window that shows the protein, there is a 50-50 chance the ghost image will appear.
  • It does not seem to make a difference whether the mouse is over any specific part (backbone, side chain, bondable atom), or over the background.
  • When the mouse pointer is over any other box (score list, chat box, ...), the ghost image does not appear.

Then, I asked myself why it would appear when uploading to chat. After all, the button to do that is in the chat box, and I had just determined that having the mouse pointer there should prevent the ghost image from appearing. But after pressing the Upload Image button, I got a dialog box in the middle of my client, asking whether I really wanted to upload a screenshot. That put my mouse pointer right over the display area! Yesterday, when I tried again, I did not get that question. I do not remember seeing a "do not ask this again" checkbox the day before, but I might well have missed that.

See also https://fold.it/portal/node/2002589#comment-32793.

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Could it be that at long last we have a handle on the Blue Box of Doom?


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