Strange lines appearing in 690

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See the picture. Saved this and shared it with myself with name strange. What is going on?

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Intesresting, when I loaded in the solution the independent subunit and the symmetric copy were right on top of each other with no lines like in your image.

From the image it looks like you were in the process of running a script on it, but was this happening since you loaded in a monomer solution and then moved the independent subunit away from the symmetric copy?

Also, it looks like your client version may be a bit old. Have you seen this issue in the latest version of devprev/main?

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The way it came about:
I loaded the monomer solution and handchanged some of the Layer Problem segments. Then the lines appeared.
More lines after each change. As soon as I ran shake or wiggle the symmetric copy jumped into the monomer. No movement done yet, only hand mutating. I allways run the latest version, but sometimes I avoid devprev latest when there are big problems mentioned in feedback.
(The recipe output you see was from another attempt)


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