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When sorting by the Start / End date of the contests, it might be useful to improve the sorting result. (Have a look at the dates)


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Contest Open/Closed sorting

Contests are really confusing in several ways, and sorting is just one.

I know it's "seemingly" a minor issue, but Contests are paticularly inportant for hanging on to "New" Players.

The pace is less hectic; allowing a player to toy with their new tools, and skills, and to play with different puzzle types and protein configurations. Making the Contest page work in an ituitive, and logical way is important to KEEPING players. (The frenzy of clock/rank chasing in the normal puzzles can be a bit intidating to some) ;)

MY personal peeve with Contest format is the "Magic Key" thing to enter a contest, it really puts new players off. Many aren't even aware that they have their own Foldit page... let alone that they have to sent foldit-mail to the puzzle creator asking for the key. (again, they may find that a bit intidating)

Psych0Active :)

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Feedback pages

Please add all bugs/requests for features to the feedback page (http://fold.it/portal/feedback). Thanks.


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