Wiggling in recipes in seconds from 0.01 - 1000 (like that) for statistical effects with reduced clashing importance!

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Opened on:Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 15:51
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hi iam the new user Double-Blind with no global points, but number 5 in the puzzle 685.

I often use clashing importance reduction to 0 & back to 1 for not even a second to "earthquake" the whole protein a moment. This often improves the points & helped me a lot. i wanted to make a recipe but it didnt work because wiggling just works in iterations. one iteration destoys everything. so i need seconds & this recipe would also help other people.

I will also do a recipe where i shake all parts the person chooses in the same rough way.
Because this really enhances points!

Its also likely to enhance points by reducing clash importance slowly for not even a second again & again.
always more & more. often many points are hidden in this method!

Would love to see this second wiggling feature!

thank you!

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sry 671. looked too fast

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Thanks for the suggestion. We'll look into this.

Adjusting the priority because 1 is reserved for game breaking issues.

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sry didnt know that, thanks for looking either way


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