Voting bugs down is not done

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Again I see bugs being voted down. I consider that to be harmful. If you think it is not a bug say it, but do not vote bugs down.
Any bug report can be important.
Maybe the voting system must disallow voting bugs down.

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"Maybe the voting system must disallow voting bugs down."

Couldn't agree more, but I think the idea will irritate the "democratization of sciences" idealogues, who think that science should be based on popularity.

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Also agree, just because someone doesn't agree with the facts, doesn't change the facts.

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Players are free to vote up/down on bugs. We take it as an indication of how important the issue is to players (without a modification of the priority). Don't worry about downvoted bugs though, we still look at them and make an internal review of the importance.

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Traditionally we do NOT ever vote down a bug.

If someone does not have the bug, then they simply need to move onto the next feedback, which may have relevance to them.

We have always used the system that if another player is experiencing the bug, they uprate or comment.

Allowing players to downrate a bug discourages newcomers from reporting.

Although it may not matter to the devs whether a bug is downrated, it matters much to the player who went to the time and trouble of identifying and filing a feedback.

Please - do not downrate bug reports.


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