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Opened by:Mike Cassidy
Opened on:Friday, March 1, 2013 - 23:29
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Some of drawing bug in the new devprev; I am MAC. Attached are two images showing the bug.

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(Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:29  |  3 comments)

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I'm seeing OPENGL faults now, that I had not seen during the entire previous two weeks, using same Nvidia driver 314.07 and same # of clients. I'm seeing cases where clients do not want to load beyond the initial rectangular window and the headliner being blue ( selected ) or grey ( non-selected ) with all else being blank/black ( a situation I had never previously encountered in all my years on Foldit ).
The only reason I am stating this here, is because I cannot prove one way or the other that this issue from Mike might not be related to what I am also seeing. And I want to see a client that WORKS, more then a client that has unknown layer filters doing unknown things. My intensive testing with multiple clients should be considered a boon to the community, not a hindrance as some would have a person believe.

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Interesting, thanks for bringing this up.

When exactly do you see this, is it immediately on loading a protein? Does it depend on any tools running? Does this only happen when you have multiple clients running? If so, does it happen to all of your clients or only new ones? Do similar issues happen in other video games or 3D rendered programs?

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In my case as of Monday noon, there has been no repeat of the 3-4 times in which I could not load a client beyond blank/black screen that occurred on Friday directly after updating two folders/4 clients to new devprev and the 17 OPENGL faults ( took down all clients immediately as I had by then updated all )that occurred on Saturday approx 1400 hours local Utah time.
I cannot say if it will happen again, only that all clients seem to be working for the time being. And computer itself has not been rebooted, only the clients reloaded, immediately after OPENGL faults. Wish I could say more, but don't have the proof of time to say more. I can only say that what might be called the prior ' devprev ' worked without a video glitch of any kind from the time that updated to 314.07 until Friday, a period of about 12 days. I'm praying this one starts doing the same thing, no fun reloading 17 clients.
if it happens again, will start a different thread. Sorry Mike for putting my feedback into your thread.


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