Let's Splash Some Color on ED!

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A common problem with ED: We all know it takes a while to figure out the beginnings and ends of ED. then you try to position the first segment of the puzzle with the ED. That requires a lot of moving just to get the beginning of the puzzle in the same view as the ED. Then what happens? You cannot find where the ED begins. You lost it. How can we solve this predicament and not waste time?

There are several ways to solve this problem to decrease entropy in the beginning of ED puzzles. Here are some suggestions:

ED is monochromatic. That alone makes more it difficult for players to see special relationships. We could have a view color option. I think the rainbow color would work best.

Perhaps ED notes; allowing us to put notes directly on the ED.

Please feedback.

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Who is "ED" ?

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electron density

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Also see these related threads with suggestions to make ED map more usable:

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I like the idea,
as on temperature maps colors are used, too (instead of greys between black and white).

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assigning to jflat06, to go along with the other ED improvement feedbacks:


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