rotamer. commands in Lua V2

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There is something wrong with


It does not work in all situations.

Here are the commands (in bold: the line of the error "out of range" or "a nil value")
...for i=segStart, segEnd do
......rotamers = rotamer.GetCount(i)
......if(rotamers > 1) then
.........for r=1, rotamers do

Moreover, Acid Tweeker Lua2 translations perform worst than its Lua1 versions.
This might been linked to command structure.ShakeSidechainsSelected()

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Precision: in the bugging recipe (Acid tweeker V2), there is a wiggle inside of the loop "r= 1 to rotamers"
Is it possible that this changed the number of rotamers? If yes, this would be the answer to my question, and there is no bug. The issue could then be closed.

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Yes, wiggle could absolutely change the number of rotamers. The rotamer set is selected by probability, and the probabilities change with the environment.

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You could try to go from high number to 1 when setting rotamer, but that is not full proof (it can decrease by 2 or more). To be really sure you have to check again before setting a rotamer.

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Thanks. I think we can close this subject.

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and it was not a bug


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