Mutate not working right on 680

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I had started playing 680, and just thought that mutate was incredibly slow. I did a shake, a wiggle, and clicked mutate and watched carefully... nothing mutated, but the Asparagine on seg #17 (a frozen seg) was doing a slow twist back and forth. I watched for 10 minutes while it did that and recorded a video that I've sent on to beta_helix.

I've since tried changing the clashing and even freezing that sidechain, but I seem to only get one or two mutations before mutate stops doing anything at all.

Speaking of mutate - it would have been great to have added that to the list of GUI script capabilities for a puzzle of this type...

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Did you notice this happening in the Sepsis Testing puzzle that was posted in devprev over the weekend?

It could be that the residueIE filter is making it more difficult to mutate...

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I've noticed the same.
As manual AA-setting does work,
I would have used own mutate scripts, but they are not allowed.

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We are really having trouble reproducing this issue.
Are you saying that when you initial open the puzzle (or reset it) and you just click Mutate All, nothing happens? (other than some non-designable residues performing a shake?)


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