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Hello, would it be possible to see new statistics regarding certain aspects of foldit. The areas i was curious about were:

1) Point gains over time though a puzzle's time limit. with this one basically i was curious about how long it takes the average player from when they start a puzzle to when they reach that plateau where they can't really gain anymore points on the puzzle. this would allow more players to gauge when to start over and to try something new instead of trying to beat their protein like a dead horse.

2) Mew statistics on global scripts, when they're used, how much, and level of player, and possibly the point gains? I saw one of the research papers a while back that had plenty of graphs and data pertaining to this, but i haven't found any new data on this. This would help old and new players alike in determining what scripts have been doing well and maybe what scripts that haven't. we can then evaluate why they've been doing well, modify existing ones to make them better or create new ones to do a better job than the one before it.

3) My last question was how a group affects a players solo score. With this one, i was remembering when i joined a group and i saw a dramatic rise in my scores as well as a continuous improvement from there in. Would there be a way to see averages of player ranks before/after joining groups, as well as the retention rate of players once they've joined a group.

I know this is Low on the list of things, but i think this would help getting some new data :)

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