676 - with the 4 filters in place, it plays like a larger puzzle

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The intention to post a dimeric version of this one - a quick question. Is the intention to have the 4 filters also active in the dimer? Or they're just here on 'version 1' of this new puzzle type?

I only ask, since in the version 1, despite it only being 76 segs long, the 4 filters are making it feel like a larger puzzle in terms of CPU. If the 4 stay in place for 'version 2', it's going to get difficult to play


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We should have a fix to this issue out soon.

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Wiggling does the stop&start that I thought was removed.

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With a new client, PC just booted: 20minutes for a wiggle... that's three puzzles in a row I can't play. I'm getting sick of this :/

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Good thing we have ten days to work this puzzle.

I started the "Mutate Combo 1.4 for Layers" script twenty-one hours ago, and it is just now getting to the second part of the script, where it mutates individual sidechains. Granted, puzzle # 676 has over twice as many mutable residues as any other protein we've designed. But this script has run ten times as long as it should have to get to the point where it is.

It's dragging down performance on any other puzzle I try to run, simultaneously, due to the huge consumption of CPUs. Any relief planned before the current crop of puzzles expire?

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We should have the fix out in devprev later today and into main as soon as possible after that.

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This was 2 days ago. When do we get it? This puzzle is much slower then the big 678.

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Sorry about that, a few things came up with one of the changes we wanted to get out to devprev.

We normally try not to push a new version late in the week but I think it would be good to get this out today. I'll try and get it out later today so you can work with the new version over the weekend.

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I just started this puzzle, and I went to reset all the residues back to alanine with a script. It changed about 1 residue per second.

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It is still a pretty slow puzzle when using devprev. But not so extreme slow as it was. Mutate combo is now usable, before the second phase took forever.


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