Tutorial overhaul: flippin the sheets

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NOTE: This feedback was posted by Bletchley Park. There were some issues when restoring the database and it was deleted. I'm just reposting this here.


I have re-played flippin the sheets from a newbie perspective and it can indeed be a confusing exercise. I have listed some steps that may make it easier for newbies. You might want to include this in the tutorial.

"This sheet has unburied hydrophobics, Lets clear some space first by shaking".

[let user shake to make room for the flip]

"You can easily flip a sheet with the Tweak tool."
"Right-click on this sheet we want to flip and select Tweak from the toolbox."

[let user select Tweak]
[shift popup focus from the sheet to the arrows]

"The straight arrows moves the sheet in the indicated direction, while also rolling it on its side (like rolling on your side in bed)". "Left click either arrow biefly to flip the sheet. Press ESC to stop the Tweak tool."

[let user flip and escape the Tweak tool]

"Now clear up the clashes first by shaking"

[let user shake]

"Lets wiggle the protein into place."

[let user select wiggle]

At any point, if the user goes back to having to reselect the Tweak tool, re-display the Tweak comments at 1).

In the original tutorial, essential steps, which are obvious to experienced players, are missing from the guide, like pressing escape to get out of Tweak and shaking to clear space. The concept of flipping is also apparently not well understood, thus the reference to rolling on your side in bed.

Hope it helps.

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