Is that mistball a feature?

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OK. So I mentioned this in another case and as always was mostly off topic. In the selection interface we can do a sphere selection: click on a segment and drag while holding ctrl+shift keys. If you do not click a segment then a mistball is generated: the mist fills the center of the sphere making everything inside of it invisible. The question is this: is that a feature? (Not sure if that's not just a wine glitch.) I never figured a point to this, but with real data EDs I tried to use it. That works backwards, if the mist was created outside the ball ED puzzles should be easier. If that was a real feature it should be fast to implement a reversed version of it, and probably easier than all the new tools we're needing for such puzzles.

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The Ctrl-Shift-drag feature, not the sphere selection in the selection inferface, is to adjust visibility and is mentioned in the upper left scrollable area of the help dialog. It doesn't generate mist in a sphere but on the outside of a sphere with the viewpoint as center. I kind of use it, to better see what part of the protein is far away.

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Haaa, I didn't read the help, thanks for your answer. But did you see the screen? The mist really starts inside the sphere. That's why I always thought it was some sort of glitch.

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I have trouble figuring out the attachement. First of all, this is not one screenshot but two stacked ones, the one on top without mist, the one in the bottom with mist? If so I cannot reproduce such a behavior on native Windows (XP, Nvidia driver). The ED cloud becomes darker when you increase mist (ctrl-shift-drag down), not lighter. Secondly, I don't see any sphere in the screenshot let alone when I use ctrl-shift-drag. It doesn't matter where the mouse pointer is (unless it's on a segment in the selection interface), just like for zooming with shift-drag.

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err, I was wrong your first answer is the correct one. thanks! (sorry I didn't answer sooner).

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