Ranking Discrepency on Puzzle 671

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Opened on:Saturday, February 2, 2013 - 06:23
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My ranking on completion of Puzzle 671 De-novo 19 was 115. When I looked at My Page, it was listed as 123 and the points were less. Do you have any idea why this happened? I have only been playing for a couple of months and this is the first time this has taken place.

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This can happen if your connection to the servers was not working anymore. There is an indication light next to Notificationsk that can tell you if you are connected. And to be sure check on your page before closing time, and if needed restart the game, so your score will be recorded.

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Don't trust the indication lights, there are times when it appears that I have as much as 3 active clients, when in fact none are active. And this does happen a lot, especially if the clients are left alone for a period of time without interaction with the foldit player and this often happens just before puzzle closure due to people trying to get last few points via walkers and other automated means. A person's internet connection is never as solid as they believe it to be. It's a hard lesson to learn, but it's a fact.

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Thank you Timo and Hanto for your feedback. The points I lost were not substantial and I have learned an important lesson. I will be more careful in the future. The foldit game is very challenging but very enjoyable!

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Assigning, there are some other feedbacks about the network indicator not being reliable.


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