Cutpoints in Selective Interface and More

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Right now, cutpoints can only be made in the original interface. This is fine, however, it does get annoying having to switch from interface to interface.

Cutpoints technically work like bands. However, when selecting several segments around the cutpoint and try to rebuild, the constraint is disabled. Yet, when I try to do this and wiggle instead of rebuild, it works perfectly fine. Right now, the way I do it is: add bands and then rebuild.

Also, when wiggling a cutpoint, sometimes funky things happen.

If any pictures needed, let me know.

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I only play with selection interface. Select the two segments you wish to separate, then Cut is hotkey C; there's a button also to do it. But a button for enabling/disabling the constraint could be really great!

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There is all ready an enable/disable constraint button. it just doesn't work with rebuild.

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Err, you're right, that's what the "enable backbone constraints" checkbox is for, I feel a bit stupid now. Back on topic, you're right on the rebuild issue too.


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