Jerkiness extends to 672.

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We all know about the issues with 670 by now,
but I was working on 672 and got a seemingly similar issue.

I did a rebuild of an outer helix+loop, shook it,
and then when I wiggled it looked like I was doing a rebuild.
I hadn't had any unexpected lag issues before,
but with this wiggle everything moved very jerky, and laggy,
which shouldn't have been the case because I was not running anything besides 3 clients of FoldIt.
2 of which were (and still are..) running scripts that seem to be fine.
No lag whatsoever there.

Now the lag persists, but only in that client, for no reason according to everything my computer says.
And only with Actions(: wiggle, shake, etc..), not when opening the Menu, Undo, or other tabs,
or the cookbook. Freeze protein is also instant as usual.
Moving the view around the protein and even the Move tool are NOT laggy. Resets have not been tried.
I haven't tried opening other puzzles or anything in that client, I still have it open,
untouched since the moment I knew something was up and had shared my solution with group.
My teammates have no issue with the solution so it seems to be client specific.

I have a reasonably fast albeit old build, which is partly why such lag was of great surprise to me.
Win 7
nvidia geforce 9800 gtx (8GB RAM)
Intel i5 cpu (3.3GHz)

I've never used devprev, always Main.

Anything I can do to the open client/protein to give you more information?
I'm reluctant to try stuff myself, 'cause if the lag is gone and I can't reproduce it, then what.

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Thanks a bunch, MurloW. We're taking a look at this.


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