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Opened on:Monday, January 28, 2013 - 03:22
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In the past few weeks I've noticed a disturbing trend. Players are reporting bugs, and being downrated.

Suggestions can be downrated - but a comment that engages in a respectful discussion is always preferable.

Bug reports should never be downrated - when a player takes the time to do a bug report feedback (or a comment in someone else's feedback), that always helps the devs by providing information. If you believe that it is not a bug, a quick explanation is called for, not a downrate.

Since this is a suggestion, it can be downrated at will, of course. But no more downrating bug reports, please.

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Totally agree. My first encounter with feedback was very frustrating just because of that.
(And I still think that void showing should be automaticly turned off when minimizing and turned back on when maximizing, preventing blank screens)

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That's the third time I try to reply to your post auntdeen, searching for the right words. While I agree with you in the broad idea, there's something wrong here that bugs me. In every other bugtracker, the devs are themselves in charge of sorting the cases. For me it is very rude to change the tag of a case from "bug" to "question" or "suggestion" because the submitter did a mistake. Way ruder than downvoting. Maybe I should not consider FoldIt feedbacks as a regular bugtracker, but it really upsets me to see how bad the things have gone in those past weeks. I really think that's a bad idea to let the players do the sorting of the cases, as we are in a competition. The devs' opinion is unquestionable in every aspect, and they are the only ones to know what should be dismissed or not. And from that point of view, I think that downvoting is the only way I have to tell the devs "hey don't waste your time here". So, if we were to agree on some basic rules regarding the feedbacks, I'd be glad to stop downvoting. I'm starting right now mind you, but it really tickles me when I see some "bugs".

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I see where you are coming from, and appreciate your point of view!

Even someone as technologically challenged as I am can easily see occasionally when a newer player in particular will note what they think is a "bug" when in fact it is actually a limitation based on some other aspect of the game, or that it is something they are not yet familiar enough with for them to realize that they have not fully understood the interface.

When that happens, I do try to comment in that kind of feedback and give them the info or link that might help them understand that it's not really a bug.

In most other cases, I will leave it alone and let the devs sort it out, unless I can contribute to the conversation with information of my own about it.

The problem with downrating is that a newer player can be educated, but also can be intimidated. Very few in our community take the time to post feedback or comments. I'm always mindful that a newer player's "bug" may certainly not be, but don't want to discourage them from posting... The next time they find something, it may be very valuable for them to post.

There is no question that our feedback system, our forum and all of our communication system is in need of an overhaul. The other problem right now is a more buggy than usual client, and when the client has many problems, it becomes very difficult for a player to judge whether they are experiencing something noteworthy.

You are rapidly becoming a very valuable member of our community - thanks very much for your comment!

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I reckon part of the downvotes are people like mistakingly clicking the wrong button,


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