Better planning for file format chances

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Opened by:Timo van der Laan
Opened on:Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 21:37
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When a file format of shared files is changing it should be done in the following way:
- first make a client that can handle old and new formats
- push that client via devprev to main (still making old formats)
- then and only then change the file format for devprev.
It is really annoying that my high solution can only be used by devprev users.

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I agree. Why would we work in devprev at all if we can't share solutions? Hasn't happened to me since I have been folding almost 2 years now

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Sorry for the abrupt change in file format with the previous release. For future file format changes we will try and get a client to read both versions before actually switching.

Sometimes with file format changes we are trying to get out a fix as quickly as possible to everyone and that is why in the past there have been changes that make devprev and main incompatible. This previous release, we felt it was very important to get the bug fix out to everyone as soon as possible. We definitely should have given you guys a heads up on that, sorry for not communicating what was happening amidst all of the bugs of 670 etc.

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Thanks for this reply. I can imagin situations where is is not possible to do because of new features. But then a big warning should be given BEFORE loading the new version in devprev, so you can opt out and save solutions to be shared.
Closing this one now.


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