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Opened by:phallicies
Opened on:Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 20:05
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In offline mode, can you make it so that instead of solutions being tied to a user, they're attached to a computer/user. for example if I'm in offline mode and i come back online(when i have internet) i would still like to continue as a solo, not an evo. Some of aren't connected to the internet all the time.

Just as we all have an irc key we can just as easily have a unique id for a computer. Just attach the computers unique id to where the username would normally go and once someone opens it(primary account on that computer) it binds to them like a normal solo. that way you don't have to feel like everything you've done was in vain and not make offline mode a disappointment. as it stand, if something like this happened, people would use offline a little more because what you did there would actually matter a little now.

I do realize their would be some security concerns, but this is a suggestion, any helpful feedback on how to make this idea better would be much appreciated.

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Thanks for the suggestion, phallicies. I'm taking note of this for later exploration.


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