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Opened on:Friday, January 18, 2013 - 10:59
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greetings fellow foldings,

this is Trent Galvis with a new tool in mind. i think it would be, if possible, nice to have a script playlist. the way i see it is that there are two different types of scripts: those that end, and ones that don't end. for those that don't end, i think there should be a timer for how long the script should run or, if possible, have the script stop if is cant gain points after a curtain period of time set by the user.

in summery, the playlist should allow players to as many scripts as they want. after one script is done, the next script follows.

Trent Galvis AKA disturbedxxx666 (IRC), AKA drumpter18yrs9yrs.

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sorry i meant to say folders haha.

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Thanks for your feedback, drumpeter. This is a great feature suggestion and we'll keep it in mind going forward.


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