Devprev: minimizing moves cookbook and behavior box

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Opened by:Timo van der Laan
Opened on:Saturday, January 12, 2013 - 14:26
Last modified:Tuesday, December 29, 2020 - 11:39

When minimizing the cookbook and the behavior box move to the middle bottom of the screen, almost off the screen.
(windows 7 64bit, selection mode)
Btw, still the little icons in selection mode are not correct (rebuild=change AA type, and the Y option equals the shake one)

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Also the recipe output box moves.

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Thanks for reporting these. assigning...

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The recipe output box has been moving around since I joined Foldit and I doubt it will ever change, however it does seem to be most prevalent if the computer is experiencing heavy loads, especially if video drivers are not behaving well as with my recent scenerio with the Nvidia 310.90 drivers, and before that, trying to run to many clients when the computer was not yet configured to run them. Once the computer is lined out, the recipe output box will pretty much stay where the user puts it.
But to add to your statement, I wish there was a way to LOCK the recipe output box into a particular position and for it to open immediately when client it first fully opened to the puzzle. We have to do far to much clicking in order to configure our clients the way we want them. Makes for a lot of time spent configuring the clients on each and every load/re-load.
However I have a feeling we'll get that about the same time we get the ' pause recipe ' button ;)

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and the CookBook still moves

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This has always happened to me, but I thought it was a wine issue. Happens also with the "view" window.

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This started happening on me when update_while_minimized was introduced and you turned it on ( By the next update, with update_while_minimized turned off, it always happened on me. But in truth, that was only on my main PC with an Nvidia card, Windows XP. On another PC with Intel onboard video and Windows 7 x64, it never happened, but I keep the view options very modest there.

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Found out that this is coupled to the GUI option update_while_minimized. When this is off no problem (except the little movement when changing tracks of the cookbook).

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