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670: 30 Residue Symmetric Dimer of Dimers Freestyle Retry
Status: Closed


251AndreSokol 62 2046  10,4761
252fabiobean 62 2046 Go Science10,4701
253matosfran 62 2046  10,4511
254IHGreenman 62 2046  10,4421
255sjmpEmmavanWijn... 62 2046 sjmp10,4371
256tallguy-13088 62 2046  10,4331
257tjbertram 62 2046  10,4311
258DiEvAl 62 2046  10,4191
259sjmpAmandaWatson 62 2046 sjmp10,4031
260CraniumAmbiguity 62 2046  10,3991
261barbaranne 62 2046 Anthropic Dreams10,3931
262lethalenoki 62 2046  10,3601
263ds_36 62 2046  10,3471
264relaxmax 62 2046  10,3431
265matt_jasiu 62 2046  10,3431
266heterological&n... 62 2046  10,3111
267LavenderSky 62 2046  10,3001
268gosbor 62 2046  10,2871
269jellyarren 62 2046  10,2691
270poisonberry 62 2046  10,2501
271KALDYH 62 2046 Russian team10,2471
272anna_k1729 62 2046  10,2431
273pmelzer 62 2046  10,2171
274Arthuriel 50 60  10,2151
275Phillipthegreat 62 2046 Aviation High School10,1591

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More info here:

This puzzle will have two filters enabled, the Residue IE and the Layer Score filter. If you look under your score, there will be a message similar to "No bonuses, 1 penalty acquired, all conditions met". If you click on the > arrow you will get more information about these filters.

The Layer Score filter is a new filter designed to ensure proteins fold up into desirable shapes. It will categorize each backbone residue as either 'core', 'surface', or 'boundary'. If you think of the protein as being suspended in a liquid, the 'surface' residues are those most exposed to the liquid. Subsequently, the 'core' residues are those that are most protected and the 'boundary' residues are the ones that lie between the 'core' and the 'surface'. Most residues are categorized as either 'core' or 'surface'.

In this puzzle, the filter requires 30% of your protein residues to be in the 'core'. If you do not meet this criteria, you will lose points. If you are losing points, you can click the 'Show' button in the filters dropdown below the score and it will highlight all of the residues that are on the surface and how many you still need to move into the 'core'.

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You will need the updated client (released 01/16) to play this puzzle.

There is a bug where using 'Show expected residue burial' will cause instability with this puzzle.

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