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Opened on:Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 12:27
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I have noticed that for category scoring, puzzles that have 3 variants (all, <150, <15) are counted as 3 seperate puzzles. That means that 1 such puzzle will make all puzzles count if the category is the best 8 of 10. I would suggest to count the puzzles with variants as 1 puzzle and when someone or some group has played more than 1 variant only the highest scoring of them count in the category.

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You're right - only the unrestricted puzzle is supposed to have categories (<15 and <150 are supposed to be just Beginner). I've updated the puzzles which had the incorrect categories.

We are also interested in restructuring these beginner puzzles such that there is only one version of them, like you've said, but we're still thinking of the best way to do this.

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About restructuring. How about posting them as beginner type puzzle and when someone starts it, automaticly a scoring field (<15, <150, maybe add <500) is choosen by the server. And the server remembers which scoring field has been choosen for the user. It could be implemented flexible so the scoring fields for different puzzles can be different.

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Closing it.


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