Recipe buffer + loadstring() core function

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Hi, I'm currently working on a save/load module for my recipes. The module stores the data I need on a note on seg #1, and I must use a custom func to fetch the data. Both workarounds are but ugly tinkering. So what I'm asking is: could we have some special buffer like a hidden seg #0 to store recipe data? The lua core function loadstring() could be a great tool too. As I don't get why we can't use this func, maybe extending the save namespace with some save.LoadObject() should get everyone happy(?).

Thanks in advance

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Persistent storage would be great...right now I consider using notes an abuse of the interface, and I'm sure that was one of the the things that drove selection interface users batty when selection interface had notes permanently enabled.

Tlaloc is the one who made the judgement calls for what made it into the Lua 2 API. You'll have to check with him, but a few comments about what might or might not appear in Lua 2 can be found at .

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"right now I consider using notes an abuse of the interface" that's my point, and loadstring can be implemented as to avoid all threats.

The whole point of this suggestion is finding a way out of the deadend "pause script" thing. BetaHelix said the problem would be solved "in a few weeks"... a year ago. Responding to this suggestion would be just another workaround but way cleaner than how we can deal with this problem for now.


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